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ACH was established to help parents:

  • Understand the critical need to intervene early when a child is diagnosed with ASD
  • Learn what comprises an appropriate and comprehensive early intervention program
  • Understand and gain access to state early intervention services
  • Understand private early intervention services and programs
  • Cope with the impact of Autism on the entire family
  • Become effective advocates for their child

ACH membership benefits include:

  • A complimentary session with ACH Parent Advocate, Mitchell Siegel

Mitchell Siegel

The Autism Community of Hope, Founder and Parent Advocate

Mitchell Siegel has over 20 years of personal experience navigating the world of early intervention, and the regulations and laws that guide them. As the father of a 26-year old son with Autism, Mitchell has a wealth of experienced-based learning to offer you.

“…Before autism related information was readily available, Mitchell was able to put together a well-crafted program that served his son, Ryan, very well. His ability to comprehensively investigate options, review all resources, and advocate for crucial services was impressive.”

Dr. Tara J. Glennon
Professor, Occupational Therapy at Quinnipiac University,
Founder and President, Center for Pediatric Therapy,
Fairfield, CT

To make an appointment for your complimentary session use the calendar at the bottom of this page, or if you have questions, text or call Mitchell at 917-414-7554.

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