Pictured from left to right: Dr. Lauren Tobing-Puente, Licensed Psychologist and Advisor to ACH; Maggie Coudriet, Special Education Advocate and Advisor to ACH; Mitchell P. Siegel, ACH Founder and Parent Advocate.

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The Autism Community of Hope is a NYC-based service organization established to help parents understand the critical need to intervene early when a child is diagnosed with ASD and learn to take timely and decisive action. Mounting evidence reveals that a comprehensive early intervention program can change the course of ASD and help children reach their full potential. The earlier the diagnosis and intervention, the brighter the future for the child.

“There is a serious gap in services after a parent receives an ASD diagnosis for their child. Often they are lost and alone with no plan of action. The Autism Community of Hope fills this gap with experienced Parent Advocates who support and advise parents though the early intervention process and beyond.”

Mitchell P. Siegel
Founder and Parent Advocate
The Autism Community of Hope​

Parent Advocates that have walked in your shoes.

If you recently received an ASD diagnosis for your child, know that we understand. As parents of children with ASD we know from first-hand experience that navigating this complex world alone while trying to make decisions about your child’s future can be a frustrating, time-consuming and daunting task.

Real hope. Real help.

Our Parent Advocates each have over 20 years of experience navigating the world of early intervention and the regulations and laws that guide them.

Our Parent Advocates help other parents:

  • Cope with the impact of ASD on parents and siblings
  • Learn the path to self-care and wellness
  • Become an effective advocate for their child

Building community

In addition to offering our Parent Advocate services, the Autism Community of Hope is building a community of educated parents who possess hope, are empowered and take early action to help their children have a brighter future.

Join a community that understands, cares, and supports you on each step of your journey.

Founder and Advisors

Mitchell P. Siegel
Founder and Parent Advocate
The Autism Community of Hope

Dr. Lauren Tobing-Puente
Advisor: The Autism Community of Hope
Licensed Psychologist

Maggie Coudriet
Advisor: The Autism Community of Hope
Special Education Advocate